SMAY Gallery5Silver pendents

SMAY Gallery6Selection of silver earrings

SMAY Gallery9Small silver sculpture

SMAY Gallery20Silver leaf pendent with patination
SMAY Gallery18Silver tube earrings with matching pendent
SMAY Gallery15Silver earrings with matching necklace
SMAY Gallery21Silver rings
SMAY Gallery24Gold plated limpet shell pendent, Limpet drops earrings & lavender studs.
SMAY Gallery26Silver studs
SMAY Gallery28Silver lavender ring

SMAY Gallery16Silver limpet studs, necklace & earrings

SMAY Gallery13Silver bracelet
SMAY Gallery23Silver leaf pendent with gold plate
SMAY Gallery19Twist pendent
SMAY Gallery17Two silver bracelets
SMAY Gallery14Silver bracelet & necklace & matching earrings
SMAY Gallery12
A selection of earrings in silver & gold plate
SMAY Gallery25Gold plated studs
SMAY Gallery27Silver earrings
 SMAY Gallery29Silver Half Hoop Studs

I am a siversmith living and working in the New Forest area.
My inspiration comes from observing the contours in nature, from the line
of rivers and the time-worn bark of a fallen tree to the minute shapes found
on grass stems and seed pods.
Photographs are worked into paper designs and then rendered into wearable silver pieces.